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TakaHala 台灣隆源農機
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1.Long Yuan Agricultural Machinery was established in January 1968 and is located in Dalin Town,Chiayi County.

2.Early work on the production of agricultural machinery parts,tires and agricultural machinery design and development.

3.In 2010,We began to invest in our own brand of agricultural machinery design and development and manufacturing.

4.The following year(2011) launched our company's first attached grain seeding machine.

5.In 2012,the attached hydraulic water field flatand and the attacheed type PTO/Oil pressure/Engine Fertilization Barrel were introduced.

6.Since its establishment,we have accumulated nearly half a century of professionnal technnology and experience base,and it is a professional manufacturer.

  • Technology and experience

Since its establishment,it has accumulated half a century of professional technology and experience.
  • Innovation and Research and development

With unrestricted thinking,different angles,and continuous efforts to develop and improve products,we provide customers with more diversified products.
  • Service

Providing customers with reliable product services and requirements,and becoming a good helper for customers.
  • Quality

Every step from processing to production is strictly controlled to prevent the production of inferior products.
  • Market

While stabilizing the existing market,we will actively expand the undeveloped domestic and foreign markets.
  • Pragmatic

Start with the details,get to the bottom,and do everything in a pragmatic way.
  • Share

Unselfishly share the experience of agricultural machinery manufacturing and modification over the years.
  • Objective

With the company's sustainble management as the policy and the best customer satisfaction as the goal,to achieve customer consensus.